San Antonio Daylily Society
Established May 19, 1968

Club Presidents
Year President Year President Year President
1968-70 Emma Nelson 1984-85 Mrs. Lucia Bjorkman 2001-02 Mark Carpenter
1970-72 Paul Offer 1985-87 Col. Michael Conrad 2003-04 Steve Wingfield
1972-74 Cora Offer 1987-89 Charles Zwirn 2005-06 Jean Vanderhider
1974-75 Mrs. Gus Christy 1989-91 Col. Michael Conrad 2007-08 Don Tuff
1975-76 Mrs. G. D. Whitfield 1991-92 Charles Zwirn 2009-10 Ray Elizondo
1976-77 Mrs. Russell Whipp 1992-94 Dick Griffin 2011-12 Pat Schultze
1977-78 Martha Montgomery 1994-95 Claudia Cowley 2013-14 Germaine Tuff
1978-79 Col. Michael Conrad 1995-97 Lois Bready 2015 Beatrice Moreno
1979-80 Ruth Allen 1998 Dennis Fortassain 2016 Don Tuff
1980-82 Ruth Edwards 1999 Marilyn Greenlee 2017 Lauren Curtis
1982-84 Col. Michael Conrad 2000 Alan Humphreys 2018 Sue Camplen

San Antonio Daylily Society History

On Sunday afternoon, April 7, 1968, an enthusiastic group of daylily growers met in the Ruiz House at the Witte Memorial Museum, San Antonio, and laid the groundwork for a Region 6 Daylily Society in San Antonio.

The following were elected as the first officers: Mrs. Emma Nelson, Chairman; Mrs. Lawrence Cade, Secretary; and Mr. John McLane, Treasurer

Mrs. Hallie Mercer, Mrs. Russell Whipp, and Mrs. R. L. Shields were chosen to draw up the Society's Constitution and By-Laws.

The San Antonio Hemerocallis Society was organized May 19, 1968. There were 25 Charter Members. The name was changed to the San Antonio Daylily Society (SADS) on September 4, 1982.

The club is organized for educational and scientific purposes, and especially to promote, encourage, and foster the development and improvement of the genus Hemerocallis and public interest therein. Members are encouraged to join AHS.

Monthly meetings are held at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens Education Building, at 2:00 p.m. on the third Sunday of the month with the exception of May and December. May is the annual flower show and plant sale and December is the annual Christmas party and installation of officers for the upcoming year. Club meeting activities include guest speakers, refreshments, daylily bingo, a summer picnic, and a Christmas party.

The Scape is the club newsletter, published monthly and sent to members.

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