Nacogdoches Daylily Society
Established as Nacogdoches Hemerocallis Society, 1961
Re-established as Nacogdoches Daylily Society, 1985

Club Presidents
Year President Year President
1961 Mrs. Rho Cox 1998-99 Betty Commander
1969 Mrs. Vernon Hill 2000-01 Pat Samares
1970-71 Mrs. Paul Stephens 2002-03 Lynette Sanders
1985-89 Jean Barnhart 2004-05 Lillian Lilly
1990 Jean Stephens 2006-09 Candace Hughes
1991 Carleta Arrant 2010 Sandy Farrar
1992-93 Jean Stephens 2011-13 Margie Slay
1994-95 Sue Casper 2014-17 Regina Moehring
1996-97 Jean Consford    

The history of the current Nacogdoches Daylily Society is a brief one and spans two separate periods of time. In 1961, the club was established as the Nacogdoches Hemerocallis Society. In 1969, several members of the club named their gardens. Mrs. Cooper Pierce named her garden "Hidden Valley;" Mrs. Brewer named her garden "Contented Acres," and the President of the club, Mrs. Vernon Hill, named her garden "Glenwood Gardens." The club apparently disbanded some time after 1971 as there is no mention of the club in the Region 6 Newsletters from 1971-84.

The club was re-established in 1985 as the Nacogdoches Daylily Society by Jean Barnhart. The club had four active daylily growers and four bridge club friends who were "drafted" to help with the 1990 Region 6 Meeting preparations. The club was reorganized in the Fall of 1992 with only Jean Barnhart and Delores Jones remaining as Charter Members. Seven gardeners joined at that Fall meeting. The on-going club project is the daylily garden at the Stephen F. Austin Mast Arboretum which was established in 1989. The club has since dedicated and renamed the garden in honor of the club founder, Jean Barnhart, and it is now the Jean Barnhart Daylily Garden.

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