Lufkin Hemerocallis Society
Established March 7, 1963
Club Email Contact: Tracey Stewart

The Lufkin Hemerocallis Society was was organized March 7, 1963, with fifteen members in Lufkin, Texas. Mrs. Jesse B. O'Quinn was elected President.

Club Presidents
Year President Year President
1963 (resigned 9/30) Mrs. Jesse O'Quinn 1987-88 Jackey Pigg
1963 (balance of year) Mrs. R. T. Roebuck 1989 Vivian Scott
1964 Mrs. D. O. Wallis 1990 Elcie Duncan
1965 Mrs. H. D. Johnson 1991-92 Maggie Koon
1966 Mrs. Truman Largent 1993-94 Evelyn Barley
1967-68 Mrs. Robert (Vivian) Scott 1995-96 Barbara Picou
1969 Mrs. Jack Kennedy 1997 Ruth Parker
1970 Mrs. R. T. Roebuck 1998-99 Evelyn Barley
1971 Mrs. R. W. Riley 2000-01 Reba Garrison
1972-73 Mrs. Truman Largent 2002-03 Evelyn Barley
1974 Mrs. R. L. Ivie 2004-05 Jeanetta Stewart
1975 Mrs. R. W. Riley 2006 Evelyn Barley
1976-77 Mrs. W. T. Thomas 2007 Dorothy Hale
1978-79 Mrs. Robert (Vivian) Scott 2008-09 Debbie Lambing
1980 Mrs. Grady Clayton 2010-11 Lois Powell
1981-82 Mrs. W. T. (Gladney) Thomas 2012-13 Donna Chicoine
1983-84 Mrs. C. E. Weeks, Jr. 2014-15 Pat Levens
1985 Mrs. R. T. Matthews 2016-17 Conni Estes
1986 Hortense Fleming 2018-19 Wanda Wesch

Lufkin Newspaper, March 7, 1963

A group of ladies met in the home of Mrs. C. B. Connell, 1120 Mantooth, recently to organize the Hemerocallis Society of Lufkin.

Mrs. D. O. Wallis called the meeting to order and introduced Mrs. R. B. Atkins, a guest, who installed the following officers:  President, Mrs. Jessie O'Quinn; First Vice President, Mrs. R. T. Roebuck; Second Vice President, Mrs. D. O. Wallis; Secretary, Mrs. J. E. Johnson; Treasurer, Mrs. A. B. Allen; Records & Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Robert Scott; and Librarian, Mrs. T. C. Largent.

Refreshments were served to the following members present: Mrs. Jessie O'Quinn, Mrs. D. O. Wallis, Mrs. C. B. Connell, Mrs. R. T. Roebuck, Mrs. T. C. Largent, Mrs. Jack Scott, Mrs. Archie Mathews, Mrs. Jessie Johnson, Mrs. Ben Vaughn, and Mrs. A. B. Allen.

Note: According to the Lufkin Hemerocallis Society by-laws, all persons joining the club in 1963 are to be charter members.  Maggie Koon researched the club minutes and found the following names: Mrs. Roy Hurst, Dr. Anna Beth Connell, Mrs. H. D. Johnson, Mrs. Foster W. King, Mrs. J. R. Hanna, Mrs. Louise Dyer, Mrs. J. R. Jackson, and Mrs. Lee Prahl.

First Regular Meeting - April, 1963

The Lufkin Hemerocallis Society met recently in the assembly room of the Texas Power and Light Company for a monthly session.

Mrs. Jessie O'Quinn, President, was in charge of the meeting.  After a brief business session, Mrs. G. B. Connell gave a program on the history of Hemerocallis.

Mrs. Connell traced Hemerocallis from Biblical time to the present.  She stated "the word Hemerocallis is from the word 'herma' meaning day and 'kalos' meaning beautiful, or 'beauty for a day'."

Two new members, Mrs. Jake Ross and Mrs. J. T. Longbotham, were welcomed into the society.

Refreshments were served to the following members: Mmes. G. B. Connell, Jessie O'Quinn, D. O. Wallis, T. C. Largent, C. M. Milligan, Ben Vaughn, Archie Mathews, R. T. Roebuck, Robert Scott, Jack Scott, Jack Kennedy, Otha Largent, Jake Ross, and J. T. Longbotham.

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