Houston Area Daylily Society
Established May 1961

Houston Area Daylily Society History Part I, Part II
by Catherine Lola (Bailey) Neal

The Houston Area Daylily Society was first organized in May 1961 as the Daylighters (the daytime branch of the Houston Hemerocallis Society) and became an independent organization in July 1964. Club presidents served terms beginning September 1st each year until 1981, when the term was changed to January 1st through December 31st.

Club Presidents
Year President Year President Year President
1961 Dorothy French 1976-78 Bob Lee 1995-97 Carolyn Jackson
1962-64 ??? 1978-80 Clarice Foster 1998-99 Mary Gage
1965-66 Dolly Wheeler 1980-82 Frances Schneider 2000-01 Eddie Gage
1966-67 Clarisse Rasch 1983-84 Nell Crandall 2002-03 Clifford Lee
1967-68 Mrs. E. J. Barton 1985-86 Inez Tarrant 2004-05 Scott Henry
1968-69 Mildred Schlumpf 1987-88 Anna Rosa Glidden 2006 Anna Rosa Glidden
1969-71 Alyne Fisher 1989-90 Pat Thornton 2007-08 Sharon Shackelford
1971-72 Jean Wheeler 1991-92 Mickey Sanders 2009-11 Eddie Gage
1972-74 Mildred Schlumpf 1993-94 Betty Barbato 2012-14 Darla Oakes
1974-76 Mildred Kroulik 1995 Virginia Vargas 2015-17 Clifford Lee

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