Albuquerque Daylily Society
Established July 18, 1983

Club Presidents
Year President Year President
1983-86 Betty Roberts 1998 Walter Wood
1987 Barbara Sandoval 1999 Maple Levine
1988 Kathryn Neely 2000 Kathryn Neely
1989 B. J. Hosking 2001-02 Margo Murdock
1990 Cal Iskra 2003 Rozanne Tuffnell
1991 Mary Ann Moreno 2004 Barbara Shapiro
1992 Linda Kellerup 2005 Kate Avery
1993 Ed Davis 2006 Mike Kittredge
1994 Richard Peck 2007-11 Alan Tuffnell
1995 Jim Petty 2012-13 Dorothy Sanchez
1996 Donna Peck 2014-15 Margo Murdock
1997 Barbara Chang 2016-18 Amy Howard

Daylilies were first presented to the Albuquerque public in 1976 when the Council of Albuquerque Garden Clubs was encouraging local plant societies to stage monthly flower shows in their new facility. Betty Roberts suggested that the Petal Pushers Garden Club sponsor a daylily show. In 1976, the club staged their first daylily show, and a second in 1977. The judging was conducted by the National Council Judges. On June 24, 1978, the Petal Pushers Garden Club hosted an accredited AHS Daylily Flower Show. Another show was hosted on June 29, 1979.

In 1983, members of Region 6 expressed a desire to hold a Regional Meeting in Albuquerque. Betty Roberts, Petal Pusher members, and other daylily growers worked together to host the Regional Meeting.

The Albuquerque Daylily Society was organized July 18, 1983, when a group of thirteen gathered at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Lowenstein. Those in attendance were Barbara & Ralph Carrington, Faye Detry, Christine Kavanaugh, Bernard & Bonnie Lowenstein, Harold & Kathryn Neely, Lila Pariza, and L. E. "Ned" & Betty Roberts and children Betty & Ellen Roberts.

Betty Roberts served as club President for four years, and was active on a Regional and National level during that period. Later, she received the Region 6 Service Award.

In 1990, Richard "Dick" Peck was named University of New Mexico President. Dick and Donna Peck had long been interested in daylilies and were quite willing to cooperate with the club in planting a garden of all the Stout Silver Medal Award winners on the grounds of the University Presidentís House. The Pecks created several other beds of daylilies nearby. These gardens became show pieces as well as a learning experience for students on the campus.

The club hosted Region 6 Meetings in 1994, 2002, and 2011.

1996 saw the planting of a daylily garden at El Rancho de las Golondrinas, a restored 18th century Spanish Rancho which has been made into a teaching museum. Club members planned, collected, donated plants, and spent a day planting to create this lovely showing of our favorite flowers.

In 1997, Kathryn Neely, who had been generous in gifting the club and Region with her expertise and guidance was awarded the Region 6 Service Award.

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